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Driveway Paving

There is no better driveway than an interlock driveway. Once you see the endless amount of design options for your new driveway, you will never want to see another asphalt or concrete driveway again. This is our belief and why we think you can never go wrong with an interlock driveway. However, there are best practices that any installer needs to follow to ensure that you can enjoy your driveway for many years to come without seeing the effects of a freeze and thaw cycle that we experience here in Ontario.

That is why we are constantly learning new methods and practices recommended by leading manufacturers in the industry and are able to implement the best installation method to suit your landscape. There are several factors in deciding which products are the best to use in any setting, but we are here to help every step of the way.

Driveway Paving

Ever After Landscaping specifically specializes in the installation of interlocking stone or pavers. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we believe it is the number one choice in quality and you will not be disappointed with a new interlock driveway compared to the other options available on the market. If you are debating what material you should choose to have installed in your driveway or have just begun your search, here is some information on choosing an interlocking stone driveway.

Interlock Paving Driveway

Why Choose an Interlock Driveway?

Interlocking stone or pavers are the most versatile and durable choice on the market to create your new driveway. The advancements in this industry over the past few years have created an undeniable leap forward in pavers, making them the number one choice without competition.

Interlocking stone is more durable than asphalt and poured concrete. Asphalt and concrete crack. Fast. Too fast for the money you spent in your investment that is your driveway. This is caused by our freeze thaw cycles, improper base preparation, and traffic. Interlock manufacturers have pushed the industry forward and stand behind new installation practices that create a much more stable base that will withstand a freeze thaw cycle. Not to mention that interlocking stone is more durable than asphalt and concrete. This is because it is compressed in a factory to meet certain standards and specifications. Asphalt and concrete is compacted or vibrated to compaction on site.

Interlocking stone is versatile both in its design and installation, as well as the repair. If your asphalt or concrete driveway cracks, you need to replace it or deal with it. If a paver cracks you can lift it out and replace it easily. If a section of your interlocking stone driveway sinks, you can lift that section and re-level. The selection of stones, colours, textures, and sizes are unrivaled by what asphalt and poured concrete can offer. Put in the hands of the right designer and installer, and you will be left with a driveway that is more unique than any other.

There is one downside to interlocking stone, and that is the price. Compared to asphalt and poured concrete, it is without a doubt the most expensive option. However, quality does come at a price and it is without a doubt the highest quality choice for your interlock driveway.

Installing an Interlocking Stone Driveway

When installing an interlocking stone driveway, we start with the excavation. We need to make sure that there are no underground structures that we will be hitting so every project begins with a call to Ontario One Call. They will come out and mark any utilities below the surface of the project that we will be excavating. Once we have the all clear or have the utilities marked that we need to avoid, we can begin our excavation.

We excavate a minimum of 12″ for the base plus an additional amount for the height of the pavers. This ensures that your base is stable and strong enough to both withstand the traffic above and the freeze-thaw cycles below. Once we have the material excavated and disposed of, we can identify your subsoil and make a decision on how we can best stabilize this soil to improve its bearing ability. This is a step that many may skip, but it is such a crucial step in the process of preparing your base.

Here we add a Portland cement or a lime-based mortar mix along with a 3/4″ angular crushed stone. We then compact this into the ground to create a firm and solid base that soaks up any additional water from your subsoil and chemically changes the composition to either allow more water to pass through or to increase the bearing ability of the subsoil.

Now we are ready for the landscaping fabric. For driveways we install a woven geotextile fabric that improves the strength of your base. The fabric curves up the sides of the installation and provides a stable surface for your Granular “A” to now be installed 6″ at a time and compacted. Between these two lifts of 6″ we install a tri-axial geogrid. This looks like a mesh fabric with large openings and it helps support the material above while stabilizing the material below. Along with the fabric installation and soil stabilization, this is what sets Ever After Landscaping apart from other landscaping companies when it comes to preparing a base that will outlast all of the rest. The majority of your project cost should be dedicated to the resources invested into your base on any project.

With the base compacted, we can then screed level a bedding layer of 1/4″ angular crushed stone at no more than 1″ in height to allow the pavers to lay on. We can then install the pavers according the the specified pattern, complete the project with cuts, the installation of edge restraint, and the completion of polymeric sand to allow those joints to lock together.

A lot of problems with interlocking stone installations is with this polymeric sand. If not installed properly it will promote weed growth and insects to gather. Fortunately over the years this polymeric sand formula has become much better which prevents most of these problems that we have seen in the past.

Why Choose Ever After Landscaping?

We provide design and installation services on all of our projects. We meet with you to talk about what your expectations are of your project and create a design that meets your needs while also creating a unique space that is yours and no one else’s. With each project, we strive to satisfy our customers to create an unforgettable experience that you can remember every time you enjoy your project.

We want to see you happy with your investment beginning from the first consultation to the final product. This is our goal with serving you.

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