Landscape Design

Nothing is better than seeing your investment before you invest into it. There is nothing worse than going into a landscaping project that you are likely investing thousands and thousands of dollars into and not having the big picture of what it will look like. If you are investing into something, you should have a visual of what the final product is going to look like.

A landscape design is just that for you. The perfect way to see an overhead view of your project and a realistic walk-through of your design before it comes to life. An opportunity to question certain aspects and elements of your project before you see it completed in front of your eyes. It is the best way to be able to spend a small amount of money upfront in order to know what you are going to get upon completion.

We take pride in our landscape designs, from 2D sketches to 3D walk-throughs, so that you have a visual of what your investment will look like. With 15 years of experience in this industry, we know what we can include in your designs to make the most of your budget and provide you with a space that you can enjoy for many years to come.


Designing Your Project


Our Process

    1. Budget

Setting a reasonable budget for your landscaping project is important to ensure that we can include the right details and features that will help make your landscaping project unique.

The more details that are included in your project and features that work their way into your design, the more you should budget for with the project. This budget is for the actual installation of your project and not the design, as the design is a flat fee regardless of the size of your project.

    1. Questions

We ask all of our clients a series of questions in order to understand what their space will be used for so that we can determine what style and features you would like to see included.

Questions may include:

      • What will you be using this space for?
      • How many people are in your family?
      • What features would you like to see?
      • Do you prefer modern or traditional stylistic options?
      • Have you considered landscape lighting, fire features, water features, or shade features?

These questions will help provide us with an idea of what you are looking for in your design and can get us started with your design. If we meet with you on-site, we can provide solutions for your landscape design to make the most use of your space. If you are sending us a photos to create a design from, we will create solutions based on what has been provided in the photos.

    1. Design Process

With the information that we gather from you in the initial consultation, we can then begin your design process. Depending on the design package that is chosen, you may receive a sketch, a 2D design, or a 3D design of your project.

With this design, we will then send it to you or meet with you to discuss and show the design. Once again depending on the package that is chosen, the design may just be sent to you or there may be a consultation with a series of modifications made to the design based on your specific recommendations.

    1. Completion

The design is now complete and ready to be implemented by a professional landscaping company or by ourselves if you choose to continue with Ever After Landscaping.


What is Considered in Your Design


There are many different aspects of any landscaping design. The considerations of your personal use of the space in question are what provide the foundation of your design and how the space will look. We also need to consider the slope and obstructions within your space to decide how we can make the most functional use of your space. Incorporating a raised patio or deck area may be required in a yard that has an aggressive slope, whereas yards that are relatively flat may not need these features. Drainage is always a priority when creating a design and we need to consider what will happen with that water in your design.

The customer’s tastes in style are also considered in the design of a landscape. Whether you prefer wood or stone, modern or traditional, green spaces or concrete, we have the design and concept in mind for you. An added touch of originality to your design provides you with a unique project that no one else has.


Getting Started


We are ready to help you with your landscape design. Contact us to get started with your landscape design and we will get started by getting you on a phone call about your design and how we can help. We will provide you with a 2D and / or 3D design for your landscape. Regardless of where you are located, we can complete a landscape design for you. If you are located in one of our serviceable areas, we can also provide you with installation services.

We provide landscape design services for customers all across Canada. This is completed via a phone call and face-to-face call on Zoom, as well as through photos provided by the customer so we can provide a layout and design based on their specifications.

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