Nothing beats having a clear vision of your investment before committing to it, especially when embarking on a landscaping project that could involve substantial costs. Visualizing the end result is essential. That’s where a landscape design comes in – it provides an aerial perspective of your project and an immersive walkthrough of your envisioned design before it becomes a reality. It’s an opportunity to scrutinize various elements and aspects of your project before witnessing its actual execution. Investing a modest amount upfront for a design allows you to understand precisely what you’ll receive upon completion.

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Your Landscape Design

Our pride lies in crafting landscape designs, ranging from 2D blueprints to immersive 3D tours, ensuring you have a comprehensive visual representation of your investment. With 15 years of industry expertise, we possess the knowledge to optimize your design within your budget constraints, delivering a space for your long-term enjoyment.

Our Design Process

Step #1: Questions

We engage with our clients through a series of inquiries to gain insight into the intended use of their space. This process enables us to ascertain your preferred style and the features you’d like to incorporate.

  • What will you be using this space for?
  • How many people are in your family?
  • What features would you like to see?
  • Do you prefer modern or traditional stylistic options?
  • What is your budget?

It is vital to establish a well-defined budget for your landscaping project, allowing us to incorporate the appropriate elements and features that will contribute to the distinctiveness of your landscape.

The level of detail and the inclusion of various features in your project directly influence the budget required for its execution. It’s worth noting that this budget exclusively covers the implementation phase of your project, as the design fee remains fixed, regardless of your project’s size or scope.

These inquiries assist us in forming a clear picture of your design preferences and serve as the foundation for commencing the design process. Should we conduct an on-site meeting, we can offer tailored landscape design solutions to optimize your available space. Alternatively, when you provide us with photos for the design, we will devise solutions based on the visual information you’ve shared.

Step #2: Site Visit

A site visit helps us to take measurements and elevations, while also gives us an opportunity to talk further about your project in person and begin to conceptualize what you are looking to achieve with your outdoor living space.

Step #3: Initial Design

Upon gathering the information from our initial consultation with you, we initiate the design phase tailored to your needs. Depending on the selected design package, you may receive a sketch, a 2D representation, or a 3D visualization of your project.

Step #4: Design Revisions

Following the completion of the design, we’ll either send it to you for review or schedule a meeting to present and discuss the design with you. The extent of interaction varies with the chosen package, ranging from a straightforward design delivery to a consultation involving adjustments based on your specific input.

Step #5: Let's Build!

The design is now finished and prepared for execution, whether by a professional landscaping firm or, if you opt for it, by our team at Ever After Landscaping.

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What is Considered in Your Design

A landscaping design encompasses numerous facets, with the core considerations being your specific usage requirements for the designated area and the aesthetics you desire. The landscape’s topography and any potential obstacles also play a pivotal role in shaping a functional design. In instances of pronounced slopes, incorporating raised patios or deck areas may be necessary, while flatter landscapes may not necessitate these features. Furthermore, drainage planning is a paramount concern, ensuring efficient water management within the design.

In addition to practical considerations, your personal style preferences greatly influence the design. Whether you lean towards natural wood or stone, embrace modern or traditional themes, favor greenery or hardscape elements, we tailor our design concepts to align with your individual tastes. The injection of originality into your design ensures a distinctive project that stands apart from the rest.

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