Is your yard plagued by standing water?

Are concerns about flooding keeping you up at night?

Rest assured, we have the solutions to address these issues with a customized drainage system designed specifically for your yard’s unique challenges. Whether it’s regrading, implementing a French drain, or creating a drainage design to manage excess water, we are here to provide the assistance you need.

Landscape Drainage Solutions

Safeguard your property against water damage with our professional outdoor drainage services. Our team of seasoned experts collaborates closely with you to craft and implement a customized drainage solution that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.

Proper drainage is paramount in preventing water accumulation on your property, which can lead to landscape, foundation, and structural damage. Our team excels in the design and installation of various drainage solutions, including French drains, channel drains, surface drainage, and underground drainage systems.

From the initial consultation to the final project walkthrough, we stand by your side every step of the way, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. We exclusively utilize top-quality materials and construction techniques, guaranteeing the longevity of your drainage system for years to come.

Types of Landscape Drainage

French Drain

If you have feel your yard is holding too much surface water after a rainfall or you have noticeable standing water, a French drain is a good solution to capture that water and slope it away from the foundation of your house towards a catch basin or pop-up emitter.

To install a French drain, we excavate a trench about 16″ in width and a depth that will slope with our drainage pipe towards where we are holding or placing the water that the drain collects. We then line the trench with a non-woven geotextile, and then slope 3/4″ clear stone following the slope of our excavation, place a perforated pipe following this slope, backfill with more 3/4″ clear stone, wrap the top with the non-woven geotextile, backfill with soil, and replace the sod.

The purpose of these drains is to create a trench that the water will flow to as it will always follow the path of least resistance. The water will then be stored in the trench until it reaches the height of the pipe which it will then follow to an area where it will exit the system or be stored to slowly allow the water to soak into the subsoil.

Channel Drain

A channel drain is a surface drain that will capture excess surface water or wherever a hard surface slopes towards the foundation of your home and take it to a catch basin or French drain. These drains are typically installed for driveways or backyard patios where the slope of the pavement dictates the necessity of a channel drain to move that water where we need it to go.

Catch Basin

Catch basins are used to create significant space for the storage and later transportation of water. They are designed to allow water to soak into the subsoil as it is stored, but if the water hits a certain threshold within the basin, there is another pipe (usually a French drain) that will move that water to another basin or another area. They are an excellent solution to where we would require a lot of space to store water.

All three of these drain types can be used to allow for the capture and storage of water. Depending on the positioning of downspouts, the swale between your house and your neighbours, and the slope at the front and back of the yard, we can prepare a plan for how we can solve any drainage issues that you are dealing with. Contact us today to help you solve your outdoor water issues.

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