Landscape Lighting Installation

Ever After Landscaping provides landscape lighting installation to our clients. This includes low voltage lighting that will light up your landscapes from your house, trees, shrubs, steps, and so much more. Really make your outdoor environment stand out from the rest by lighting it up!



Why Use Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is the best way to make your house stand out from the rest. It is the perfect touch to your outdoor environment to keep your landscape inviting at night. Use it to light up pathways to make sure your guests can find each step and avoid tripping over themselves. Light up the texture and features of your landscape or cast shadows to add depth to your landscape.

You invested into your landscaping, but when the sun sets you are unable to appreciate it. With the use of landscape lighting you can enjoy it well into the dark. Set a timer to make sure your lights turn on and off when you want them to. Control your whole system from your smart phone and have piece of mind that they lights are on when you want them on and off when you do not need them.

  • Landscape Lighting Products We Use

We install Kichler landscape lighting for our clients for a few reasons. They are continually developing their products and have become the market leaders in this industry. Kichler also provides second-to-none warranty with their lighting products to show you how much they stand behind their product. Finally, Kichler landscape lighting is just so beautiful.

Accent lights are meant to shoot light upwards or downwards to accent your landscape. With the accent lights shooting upwards, they are best at the base of trees and shrubs to light up the vegetation and cast shadows onto fences or the house.

accent lights outdoor landscaping toronto

Path and spread lights stick in the ground and stand straight up, casting a light downwards. Light up a pathway or a flower bed with these stunning path and spread lights.

path and spread outdoor landscape lighting toronto

Hardscape refers to any landscaping that involves the use of concrete or natural stone products. Installing a patio, walkway, driveway, steps, and retaining walls using these materials is hardscaping. Hardscape lighting helps light up these hardscape structures to show off their textures and colours at night.

hardscape outdoor landscape lighting toronto

Water lights are sealed so that they can be submerged into water features and backyard ponds.

All of these products are low-voltage so no licensed electrician is required which saves you money. Other products that are required or can be included with your lights are transformers, timers, and wiring.

When we design your landscape lighting project we make sure that the light source does not come into contact with your eyes. You should only be seeing the light that is being cast by your lighting and not being blinded by the light source while you are walking through your landscape.

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