At Ever After Landscaping, we offer landscape lighting installation services to enhance your outdoor spaces. Our expertise includes installing low-voltage lighting systems that illuminate your landscapes, encompassing areas such as your home, trees, shrubs, steps, and more. Illuminate your outdoor environment to truly set it apart and create a captivating ambiance.

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Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting serves as an excellent means to distinguish your home from others, adding a perfect finishing touch to your outdoor environment, making it inviting even after nightfall. It not only ensures the safety of your guests by illuminating pathways and steps, preventing potential tripping hazards, but also accentuates the textures and features of your landscape, creating depth through carefully cast shadows.

Your investment in landscaping deserves to be enjoyed beyond daylight hours. With landscape lighting, you can extend your appreciation well into the evening. You have the flexibility to set timers, allowing your lights to illuminate and extinguish precisely when desired. Take control of the entire system using your smartphone, granting you peace of mind that your lights are active when needed and off when not required.

Types of Landscape Lights

Accent Lights

Accent lights are designed to project light either upward or downward, serving the purpose of highlighting specific features in your landscape. When positioned to project light upward, they work most effectively when placed at the base of trees and shrubs, illuminating the greenery and creating captivating shadows on fences or the house.

accent lights outdoor landscaping toronto
path and spread outdoor landscape lighting toronto

Path Lights

Path and spread lights are securely inserted into the ground, standing upright and emitting downward illumination. Illuminate your walkways or flower beds with these elegant path and spread lights, creating a captivating effect.

Hardscape Lights

Hardscape encompasses landscaping projects that incorporate concrete or natural stone materials. It involves the installation of features like patios, walkways, driveways, steps, and retaining walls using these materials. Hardscape lighting plays a crucial role in illuminating these hardscape elements, showcasing their textures and colors during the nighttime hours.

How to Install Landscape Lighting

Step #1: Design

We begin with our landscape design and work to find areas where we can add fixtures to make the most of this space well into the evening. The goal with outdoor lighting is to hide light sources from direct eye-sight. We use spacing and other features to add shadows for aesthetic appeal to the space.

Step #2: Transformer Install

With our lighting layout, we can then choose which size of transformer to use based on the number of lighting fixtures we are installing.

A transformer gets installed near a GFI outlet. This means it is typically mounted within two feet of that outlet or we will need to install a GFI outlet somewhere else in your landscape.

Step #3: Wiring Fixtures

We strip and install one strand of wire into the common port in our transformer and another port. We then strip the wires coming from the transformer, the wire at the fixture, and the wire leaving that fixture to the next, and tie one end of each of those together and secure it with a silicon-filled wire nut. We repeat this process from one fixture to the next until we get to the end of our run.

Step #4: Enjoying Your Lighting

The wire is buried at a safe depth, we add conduit to hide the wire going from the transformer to the ground, and you are ready to enjoy your outdoor living space for longer into the night!

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