Elevate the tranquility of your outdoor space by incorporating the soothing sounds of water through our water feature installation services. Whether your vision includes a serene pond, a cascading waterfall, or a captivating fountain, we have the ideal solution to bring your dreams to life. Our team of seasoned experts will collaborate closely with you to craft and install a tailor-made water feature that not only aligns with your unique requirements but also suits your budget perfectly.

Types of Water Features


Enhance your outdoor space with the tranquil beauty of a custom-designed pond, bringing a serene and natural touch to your surroundings. Our expert team specializes in creating ponds that seamlessly blend with your home’s architectural style and landscape. These low-maintenance ponds can be personalized with delightful additions such as water plants, fish, and ambient lighting.

Additionally, consider the allure of a captivating waterfall to elevate your outdoor ambiance. We excel at crafting waterfalls that complement your home and landscape, offering both dramatic and soothing qualities. These low-maintenance waterfalls can be further enhanced with customizable features like dynamic lighting and a selection of distinctive rock types to suit your aesthetic preferences.


Introduce a touch of timeless elegance to your outdoor space with the addition of a fountain. Our team specializes in crafting and installing fountains that seamlessly align with your home’s style and landscape design. Our fountain creations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly low-maintenance. We offer a range of customization options, including the integration of exquisite lighting and the use of various stone materials to tailor the fountain to your specific preferences.

Pond Building

We bring your pond to life using Aquascape products, artfully encircled by natural stone to seamlessly blend with its surroundings. Our process involves close collaboration with you to determine the ideal location for the pond in your landscape, the perfect spot for a waterfall, and the selection of natural stones to adorn the pond.

Excavation work is meticulously carried out to achieve a depth of approximately three feet, with well-defined shelves at two and one foot depths. To safeguard the pond liner, a non-woven geotextile is carefully laid inside the pond before the liner is meticulously positioned. We utilize the excavated soil to construct a berm on one side of the waterfall area and strategically install the waterfall components, with the skimmer thoughtfully placed on the opposite side.

Once the plumbing connections are precisely completed, we artfully fill the pond with natural stones. When everything is in place, we eagerly plug in the pond, allowing you to witness the enchanting transformation and experience the magic of your new outdoor oasis.

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